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Sonntag, März 29th, 2020

Working time

In France, the lawful size of the functioning week is 35 hours Writers, pay day max, are actually paid out on the basis of a total lot of working times eachyear ( presently, 212 times at France 24 and also 194 days at RFI and MCD ). This sort of agreement is contacted “ Forfait-jour“ under Frenchlabour legislations.

The operating day might certainly not exceed 10 hrs. The max working day may be actually encompassed 12 hours under an aggregate deal. Under current contracts 12-hour shifts are actually feasible at France Médias Monde.

In principle, no muchmore than 2 days a week may be operated , 44 hrs per week on average over a period of 12 consecutive full weeks (approximately an optimum of 46 hrs, under shapes).

Breaks, lasting a minimum of 20 mins , have to be actually given to the workers a minimum of every 6 hours All laborers must be actually enabled a daily pause of 11 consecutive hrs in between changes (9 hrs in specific cases, typically because of an emergency situation).

The minimum once a week pause is actually 35 successive hours (11 hours plus a 24 successive hour pause eachweek). Under the writers‘ aggregate agreement (Conference aggregate des journalistes) they obtain 59 consecutive hours ( 11 hours + a 48 hour pause weekly).


Overtime just relates to employees adhering to the 35-hour workweek. Those paid for on the basis of a number of working days eachyear perform certainly not make money in extra time.

Overtime should be actually spent for as observes:
– 25 percent a hr for eachand every of the 1st eight hours of overtime (from the 36thto the 43rd hour inclusive)
– half for eachhr after that

Night work

Night work is conducted pay day max 21.00 and 06.00 might not in guideline surpass 8 hours a day as well as 40 hours a full week (44 hours if governed by mandate or even cumulative agreement). Evening work is made up for along withextra pay or every week day of rest.

Pregnant women functioning evenings must be given daytime job throughout their maternity and throughout the legal postnatal leave period if they so demand.

People working greater than 270 hours eachyear in between 21.00 as well as 6.00 are actually taken into consideration night workers (“ travailleur de nuit“) from a legal perspective. Evening employees are actually called for to acquire a medical examination every 6 months along withthe business’s work-related medical professional, situated on the 5thfloor.

Upon ask for, evening employees possess priority accessibility to day-time roles when they become available.


Annual spent vacation
All laborers have a right to paid for leave of absence the moment they have actually operated at the very least one monthduring the course of the reference duration (whichruns from 1 June of the previous year to 31 Might of the current year).

Employees are actually at that point qualified to two-and-a half functioning days‘ ‚ leave behind for eachmonthworked, i.e. 5 weeks of paid for leave per year worked. Under the reporters‘ collective arrangement, they obtain 6 full weeks of paid vacation.

In concept, simply time frames really worked are taken into consideration when finding out the entitlement to paid leave of absence. Durations of absence from work are certainly not added up. Nonetheless, pay day max durations are actually considered as legitimate time frames of job, like annual leave the previous year, maternity leave of absence, instruction leave, or even vacation sick if the cumulative arrangement covers this.

Paid out vacation times are chosen throughshared agreement in between the employer and the staff member, or, stopping working that, by the employer.

Authorized leave
To become capable to benefit from regular allowances, contributions need to have been actually paid for 200 hours during the 3 months before knocking off. On discussion of type E104, the periods for whichcontributions have been actually paid out in an additional European pay day max are actually taken into account.

When on sick leave, workers must mail the 2nd page of their medical certification to their employer within two days.

Pregnancy leave
Maternity leave is 16 full weeks every child (6 weeks before and also 10 full weeks after the childbirth).

Paternity leave
Paternity leave is 11 successive schedule times in the case of a single birthand 18 times in the case of various births, as coming from the childbirthof the child. This leave of absence may certainly not be actually divided. It could be taken along withthe 3 day leave behind given on the birthof a youngster.

Parental child-rearing vacation
Adhering to maternity leave, if you want to care for the child, either moms and dad who is actually an employee may inquire to benefit from this. Max of 3 years.

Parental pay day max leave behind
To look after a child who is actually impaired, has actually suffered a mishap or is very seriously sick.

Personal instruction leave (CIF)
This can easily certainly not go over one year. Predisposed servicing of the earnings is promised.

Sabbatical leave
Can be between 6 and 11 months. Qualifications for a sabbatical leave is conditionnal upon 36 months of standing in the firm as well as 6 years of job experience.